Foot Reflexology Therapist

This is Sathianathan from amazepixels technologies. I am trained foot reflexology therapist specializing in medical massage, I am uniquely qualified for the foot reflexology therapist. Every Sunday doing social service for Manasu cmf (Mana Nala Sugalayam (A Home for Mental Health - Claretian province of Chennai, Thrisulam.). I have three years as a member of the foot reflexology team at Manasu cmf. Medically directed health and wellness clinic combining the benefits of foot reflexology.

Under the direction of Manasu cmf certificate, I give manual foot reflexology therapy, It is the application of suitable pressure at particular reflex points on the feet, hands or ears; which corresponds to diverse body organs and systems, and that applying pressure on them has a positive result on the organs and the person's general health. It's a system of massage, which relieves tension and treats various illnesses.

I will be grateful if your organization gives me an opportunity to provide foot reflexology therapy to the staffs of your organizations. The staffs will be benefited with the following :